Your Support Matters



Direct Selling Education Foundation promotes awareness of direct selling in a fair marketplace while serving diverse constituencies and organizations on the global stage. DSEF relies on voluntary, tax-deductible contributions to continue its public service work with these constituencies, as well as with the general public. Your support will help continue DSEF’s legacy of support for the important work of its stakeholders while ensuring that direct selling-an industry of opportunity, financial freedom and personal independence-thrives for generations to come.

Annual Development Campaign

DSEF relies on annual, voluntary, tax-deductible contributions to continue its public service work. Your contribution helps ensure that future generations can attribute innovative programs that ensure a fair, ethical and educated marketplace to the visionary efforts of the direct selling industry.

Capital Campaign

The Direct Selling Education Foundation Capital Campaign “Now More Than Ever” is more than just raising money. The campaign is a collaborative effort of the direct selling community to seize the chance to position the foundation as the leading force for global goodwill on behalf of the industry.

Help Us Reach Our Goal

By reaching our goal of $18 million, DSEF can do so much more to raise the industry’s prestige while highlighting its contribution to the public good.

Our industry has benefited from the astute vision, diligent work and public service legacy of DSEF. Only you can guarantee that this campaign achieves its promise of ensuring that DSEF will continue its good work well into this century and beyond.

$18 million