Having a Facebook Page for your business is a great idea! It's a place that you can begin to develop a community of loyal customers and friends who are excited about what you have to offer, and who are willing

You probably think that your product line is the best one out there. After all, that's why you sell it! And it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that because you understand the benefits, the value is obvious

By Melanie Alakkam

It’s almost swimsuit season, and the weight loss industry is energized!  Marketdata Enterprises forecasts the US weight loss industry will reach $66 billion in 2013. Most people aspire to have that “bikini body” by summer.  With so many diets, weight

Have you ever felt like you're just going through the motions? That you're not really moving forward in your business, but instead just spinning your wheels? It takes a conscious effort to be effective in your business, and do what

By Kelsey Owen

Beware of “jobs” or “business opportunities” that seem to offer high pay for work you can do at home. Often these programs are bogus.

Common scams involve package forwarding, Internet searches or advertising, envelope stuffing, medical billing, discount or

When presenting your product or service to a prospective customer, there is a lot to consider. It's important, or course, to know the features and benefits of what you are selling, but it's more than that. You also need to

As a small business owner, your business is often an expression of yourself. And you can attract more people to your business when they feel a personal connection to you. In fact, this is what changes people from occasional purchasers

By Katie Burgoyne

Social media is a great outlet to engage with family and friends, but are you sharing too much in the process?  Identity theft can occur with only a few key pieces of your personal information.  And now, courtesy

By Kelsey Owen

There are a few things more annoying than junk mail, spam and unsolicited calls and texts messages. Not only are these unwanted communications an annoyance, but they can potentially lead to identity theft.

But how do you stop them?

We're at an interesting point in history. We have generations that grew up without the internet, and those that have never been without it, all in the same workforce. These are your customers, employees, team members. And in order to

By Charles Wood

The ability to work from home is an attractive proposition, especially when a company promises high income for little effort. But Better Business Bureau advises consumers to be careful about accepting these offers.

BBB received over 1,800 complaints about work-at-home businesses

By Howard Schwartz

I bit the bullet a few weeks ago and went shopping for a tablet. I decided my smart phone was fine for many purposes, but I was finally able to justify getting a tablet to watch videos and

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