Think about the last time you wanted to make a purchase that required some research, whether it was a new car, a new TV, some furniture, or a bike for your child.  What was the very first thing you did? 

Mantras were originally meant to be repeated in a meditative manner for the purpose of finding serenity and focus. They can also be used in the business world to motivate and concentrate your efforts.  Here are some ways that implementing

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Weigh In on Gym Membership Tips
One big holiday, Thanksgiving, down. Add two pounds. Christmas to go. Add three pounds. Obviously in January it’s going to be time to

Businesses are always looking for new clientele. The key to lead generation is providing consistent excellence and getting people to promote your business to others.

Here are some ways you can generate new leads for your business.

1. Make the most of

Being recognized as an expert in your field can bring many opportunities to edge out your competitors and grow your business.  Once you have devoted yourself to becoming an expert, you will need to take the appropriate steps.  Read on

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Organizing Your Financial Records
Organizing your financial records provides you with a sense of freedom and accomplishment. Learn some simple steps you can take to organize your financial records. You’ll

Today’s highlighted blog post from the Council on Better Business Bureaus (CBBB)

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How “Top” Are the Top Ten?
Recently a local journal published a list of “Top Companies” in our area. “Wait a minute,” I said, spotting a familiar name. “Don’t

Being a small business owner often requires you to wear many different hats. However, it is important to focus on your business’s main objective, which is to turn a profit.  Read on for four elements of small business that should

As a small business owner or direct seller, your customers are your livelihood.  Attracting customers is something you’ll likely be striving to do whether you are just starting up or have been in business for years.  In order to attract

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With the mail picking up for the holiday season it’s a good time to focus on mail theft.

The Colorado Springs Police Department sent out a Community Alert

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Take a close look at your phone bill for mysterious charges

May 20th, 2011 by Cheryl

Do you examine your phone bill closely enough each month to recognize any new charges? Would you notice a $2

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