Support Small Businesses this Holiday Season from http://dsef.orgWhere are you planning to do your shopping this holiday season? From a nameless, faceless big box store? Or would you like the personal attention that only a small business can bring? In a season that is often stressful as you search for just the right gift for the ones on your list, the customized product recommendations a small business owner can provide can make holiday shopping a pleasure, and giving those gifts becomes fun!

So this holiday season, consider shopping ONLY with small businesses. It’s a great way to support your local economy and contribute to its recovery, while also demonstrating your support of this essential component of our economy. Small businesses are found on the streets of your town, as well as in living rooms and fairs where direct sellers and crafters share everything from cosmetics to jewelry to educational games to bags to customized stationery and more! You have so many options when choosing to shop with small businesses, and you’re sure to find gifts that are as unique as the people you want to give those gifts to.

So this year, instead of running to the mall or big box store to complete your holiday shopping, reach out to the small businesses in your area. Many have websites where you can shop, which means your gifts can be delivered right to your door. And consider hosting a direct sales party with a company that offers gifts that will appeal to many on your list. You might even get some of the items on your holiday list for free or at a discount!

You can find a list of Direct Selling Association member companies at But you can also support small business owners in our community on this page! We invite you to share your favorite product that you sell and a link to your business web or Facebook Page in the comments of this blog post. Then browse the other businesses that are shared here. Let’s make it a small business only holiday!