What is Direct Selling

What is direct selling

What is Direct Selling?

Direct Selling is a modern method of marketing where the products and services are being introduced directly to the customer. Some common methods of direct selling are the one-on-one demonstration, multi-level marketing etc, The major characteristic or role is of independent contractors in the distribution of products & services. These independent contractor’s distributors, consultants, representatives, agents etc. Direct Selling doesn’t require traditional advertising channels, it is relatively nimble and able to adapt to changes in the market.
Direct Selling provides tremendous opportunities for millions of independent owners around the world. This industry has been playing a significant role in initiatives by imparting soft skills, marketing & leadership training. Over the years this method is being impressed by the growth & success globally. Some of the major factors contributing to direct selling growth are

  • Best Quality Products.
  • Personal connection & bonding with customers.
  • Promotions of Entrepreneurship.

What are the benefits of Direct Selling?

Direct selling provides important benefits, Following are the major benefits for companies which result in their growth of business:

  • An Effective method to enter new markets with relatively low costs, especially offering best in class products or services.
  • Doesn’t require special educated workers for marketing.
  • Reduction in high capital investment in marketing.
  • Improvements in competitive strategy.
  • Gaining Attention of Prospective Customer.
Direct selling benefits to Society, such as self- employment opportunities, Entrepreneurship, etc, Benefits such as flexible working hours along with earning opportunities. Social Contract and personal recognition. Possibility to run own business at a minimum cost. Large range of product availability along with training & support from companies.
Benefits of direct selling to Economy & State:

  • Creation of microenterprises.
  • Establishment of self-employment.
  • Developing entrepreneurship.
  • National Economic welfare contribution.