Guide to Academic Engagement

coverThis Guide was developed to provide direct selling company executives with information about how to partner with the Direct Selling Education Foundation on academic initiatives that advance the understanding of direct selling, build credibility and produce measurable outcomes. The Guide also serves as an executive resource for company-to-university partnership development and describes the benefits of academic engagement.


The following additional resources are provided to support direct selling executives in building their campus program presentations.

Campus Program Presentation Resources

    • Student Perceptions Questionnaire The Student Perceptions Questionnaire was developed to measure the current and post-program perceptions of direct selling with the primary objective of educating college-level students about direct selling.Download
    • U.S. and Global Industry Statistics Access the latest industry statistics for inclusion in your presentation to ensure students and professors gain a more complete understanding of economic impact of the channel.Download
  • Campus Program Partnership Roles and Responsibilities Detailed responsibilities for DSEF, participating faculty and guest executives.Download

Other Resources

DSEF Research Priorities Research is a primary vehicle through which the Foundation builds relevance and credibility for the industry. The Foundation’s ambition research agenda focuses on educating the public and key stakeholders (policymakers, thought leaders, media, consumer protection officials and organizations and academics) by providing meaningful, informative and usable research that highlights the Foundation’s focus areas:

The Direct Selling Business Model
leadership in industry self-regulation and consumer protection
economic and personal development benefits of direct selling entrepreneurship opportunities


Employee Academic Engagement Sample Survey – Employees at your corporate headquarters may already have existing relationships at local universities or their alma maters. To help you and your company identify existing and potential academic partners, we are providing a sample survey.