We Are What We Buy

On his VoiceAmerica radio show, We Are What We Buy, DSEF Fellow Dr. Michael Solomon applies over 30 years of doing research on consumer behavior to talk about what drives us. Recently, he interviewed three direct selling CEOs  Kevin Guest of USANA, Asma Ishaq of Modere, and Rick Libby of Traveling Vineyard.

DSEF Fellow Dr. Michael Solomon with USANA Health Sciences CEO, Kevin Guest


DSEF Fellow Dr. Michael Solomon with Modere CEO, Asma Ishaq


DSEF Fellow Dr. Michael Solomon with Traveling Vineyard CEO and Head Cheerleader, Rick Libby

USASBE Teaching Tuesday

Each Tuesday, USASBE explores bold teaching and learning in entrepreneurship to help educators like you answer the eternally frustrating question, “What do I do to create a more engaging classroom?”

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Risk and Decision Making with DSEF Fellow Dr. Thom Pittz

On this episode of the USASBE Teaching Tuesday’s Podcast, Dr. Thomas Pittz discusses the book, “The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Risk and Decisions: Building Successful Early-Stage Ventures.” Pittz says there are two types of failure: (1) not doing it at all, and (2) not learning from our mistakes.”


Teaching Direct Selling and the DSEF Fellows Program

The Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) Fellows Program has over 235 Academic Fellows from various disciplines. Hear Nancy Laichas and Kimberly Harris Bliton discuss the program and the resources they provide to Fellows in this episode of the USASBE Teaching Tuesdays Podcast.


Driving Students to Think Creatively with Jeff Stamp

Looking to get your students to think creatively? Dr. Jeff Stamp gets his students to think creatively with an exercise using Pringles cans.


Using Simulations in the Classroom with Ernie Cadotte

Looking for a way to engage your students in a risk-free, life-like startup environment? Hear Marketplace Business Simulation Founder Ernie Cadotte talk about the importance of simulations and what they are able to provide to entrepreneurship students