Academic Initiatives

DSEF has partnered with members of the academic community to support research and education programs to expand the knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles of direct selling. The Foundation works with professors in a variety of disciplines – including entrepreneurship, marketing, ethics, consumer studies, business and economics – to commission academic research, develop teaching content and host direct selling education programs on university campuses across the country.

DSEF supports professors and students through:

  • DSEF Fellows Program
    DSEF Academic Fellow is an educator who expresses interest in incorporating direct selling-related curriculum into their classroom plans. Learn more about the Fellows Program, see a list of our current Fellows and apply to be a Fellow yourself. Learn more now. 
  • Campus Events
    DSEF works with participating universities to bring senior executives from a variety of direct selling businesses—including Fortune 500 companies and high-growth start-ups, both privately held and publicly traded—to campuses and classrooms. Learn more now.
  • Research
    Research is a primary vehicle through which DSEF builds relevance and credibility to advance understanding of the direct selling channel.  Learn more now.