DSEF Teaching Ambassadors Program

The Direct Selling Education Foundation has a longstanding goal of promoting productive relationships with leaders in the academic community to support programs that expand knowledge and understanding of business practices in the direct selling business model for students. Importantly, this outreach also counters myths about the direct selling channel of distribution and presents the realities of the channel to the general public.

What is a DSEF Teaching Ambassadorship?

DSEF Teaching Ambassadors are National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE) member community college professors and instructors with specialties that typically fall within the areas of entrepreneurship, business and marketing.

The Teaching Ambassador program is an opportunity for the Foundation and for community college academics to teach students across the country about an effective go-to-market strategy, as well as a pathway to micro-entrepreneurship. For community college educators, this means access to the most contemporary industry data, as well as a ready-to-use curriculum or lesson plan. This allows teachers to familiarize themselves with direct selling and provides a simple way of giving their students the best information on the channel that is currently available.

Ambassadors are also granted priority status with the DSEF Speakers Bureau to organize guest speakers for their classroom or campuses. The DSEF Speakers Bureau is an organization of executives from influential company involved in direct selling. An executive from a successful direct selling firm can provide valuable insights into a variety of topics, even outside of direct selling.

Finally, depending on the number of students reached per year, DSEF Teaching Ambassadors may be eligible for DSEF Learning Journeys or NACCE educational events.

We welcome your involvement at whatever degree you’re most comfortable, please email Austin Martin (Amartin@dsef.org) with any questions you may have regarding the program.

Current DSEF Teaching Ambassadors:

Clinton Day

Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship State College of Florida

Dr. Trina Jackson

Associate Professor Ivy Tech Community College

Kevin Logan

Adjunct Instructor Anne Arundel Community College

Vonetta Mixson

Associate Professor Norco College

Michelle Speach

Adjunct Instructor Cayuga Community College

Dr. Brett Winkelahke

Business Management Instructor College of Southern Nevada