Six Ways To Get Motivated from the

Do you ever feel burned out or run down? The pressures of operating your own business can really take its toll, both physically and mentally. For those times when you can’t seem to muster up the drive you need to continue, here is a list of exercises for your body and brain to help you get motivated.

1.    Be a cheerleader and friendly toward everyone. By building up and encouraging others, you are also doing the same for yourself. Pay attention to the reactions of other people as you cheer for them, give them pep talks, and praise their accomplishments. Knowing you have made someone feel genuinely valued will motivate you to take your own advice.

2.    Talk to yourself in a positive way. We all know the dangers of negative self-talk, so counteract the effects by engaging in positive self-talk on a regular basis. Start your day with a mantra you’ve created or a daily motivational quote. Whenever you encounter an obstacle, be your own cheerleader to help move past it. Use your mind as a strength; don’t let it work against you.

3.    Play your favorite music and start a dance party for one. Any exercise you prefer is good for your body. Dancing around to your favorite music can free your body from the constraints of everyday life. Try doing this even once or twice a week, and you’ll begin to use this exercise as a stress reducer and a way to unload any negativity that has accumulated. Dance away!

4.    Sing out loud to your favorite song. Whether you sing into the removable shower head or your steering wheel on the way to work, crank up that song and belt it out. Choose songs that fit your current mood or help get you in a better one. Engaging with music in this way has positive effects on your brain, so don’t be afraid to sing to your heart’s content.

5.    Get a partner and work together. Research has shown that working with a partner for such activities as physical fitness or academic studying is more effective than doing so alone. Working with a partner increases accountability and therefore maintains motivation. Choose someone you trust who has similar ambitions and interests.

6.    Make a list of what you are grateful for. The act of writing these down can help you get some perspective, especially when you are having a difficult time. It’s easy to get bogged down with the normal stresses of work and life, so create a list that you regularly review or add to when you need a pick-me-up. Think of what makes you happy: your children, your home, your pet, or even that delicious meal you just ate. Reminding yourself of what’s good in your life will renew your motivation to plow through more trying times.

Try any or all of these exercises to help you get and stay motivated.

What other exercises have worked for you? Please share your ideas below!