Imagine if you were planning a major celebration, such as a wedding.  You’ve spent days and weeks planning the perfect theme, venue, food, music, etc.  As amazing as this party could be, it simply wouldn’t happen if you didn’t send out invitations.  Without invitations, no one beyond your close circle of family and friends would even know about the event.  This same rule applies to your business.  Marketing your business is mandatory for bringing in customers, but you should also think of it as an ongoing process instead of something you do once in awhile when sales are starting to lag.  Here are three effective ways you can market your business and bring in customers.

  1. Tap your customers’ passions.  It’s no secret that successful entrepreneurs know how to educate their customers on what they need as well as how the product works.  However, people aren’t usually as interested in what they need as they are in what they really want.  Find out what your customer is passionate about, what motivates that person on a daily basis, what he/she really enjoys doing, etc.  Your marketing materials are much more likely to bring in customers if you appeal to a customer’s lifestyle/culture rather than the product itself.  For instance, if you are selling all-natural cleaning products, an advertisement stating that customers will get “10% off if you stop by all this week” will likely get overlooked.  On the other hand, if your message says, “We’ll provide you with all your green cleaning needs because your family’s well-being is our #1 priority,” you’ve now tapped into your customer’s desire to eliminate harsh chemicals from the home.  People respond better to messages they care about than they do to sales talk.
  2. Get involved in your community.  Being a part of your community offers wonderful opportunities for networking, service-sharing, customer service, and marketing.  Even better than that though, is demonstrating your commitment to give back.  By participating in community events and hosting your own events, you will be more recognizable to others, and they will be more able to relate to you because like them, you are interested in the community’s well-being.  For example, a local contractor builds the central display for the town’s annual festival for free, makes himself available for free estimates for neighborhood residents, and is regularly seen his children’s baseball games and school fundraising events.  Because he is a visible part of the community who frequents the same local spots as his customers, they are more likely to remember who he is and trust him to do the job well.
  3. Make customers feel special. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and customers are happy and excited to recommend you to others after they’ve had a memorable, positive experience patronizing your business.  We live in tough economic times where getting the lowest price has become a top priority for most people, and lots of businesses that can offer competitive pricing don’t have time for superior customer service.  Find ways to personalize your products and services, such as including a handwritten thank you note with your customer’s order.  Being kind and attentive to customers is an effective and low-cost way to market your business.

How have you been able to use our suggestions?  What are some other ways to market your business that have worked for you in the past?  Please share your comments below!