3 Ways To Make Your Business More Attractive from the http://dsef.orgAs a small business owner, your business is often an expression of yourself. And you can attract more people to your business when they feel a personal connection to you. In fact, this is what changes people from occasional purchasers to loyal customers that recommend you to everyone they know.

So how do you make your business more attractive? Here are some tips:

  1. Be Genuine. Think about the people you know who are absolutely good. You love spending time with them, and helping them, don’t you? People love the feeling they get when they interact with honest, genuine people and businesses. Make sure your businesses practices are absolutely honest and ethical, and always choose to do the right thing, even when it’s not convenient. If you believe in a particular cause, use your business to support that cause, and talk to your customers about it. It will help them come to know the real you, and love you, and your business, for it.
  2. Express Your Passion. There is a difference between businesses where people just show up, and the ones where people are passionate about what they do. Make sure your business is an expression of your passion, and help people feel that passion every time they choose to do business with you. Go that extra mile in service. Educate people a little more each time about why your business matters in their lives. If you love what you do, people will feel it, and passion is contagious. In an era of social media, word of mouth can spread globally, and that passion can help you grow your network and increase your business.
  3. Invest in Others. Helping others is always good business. So find causes that your business can support, and make sure your customers know about it. For example, a local bookstore agreed to host a donation bucket for a local food pantry’s food drive. But in addition, they also offered to give an extra discount to customers that brought in more than just the minimum donation. This created goodwill in their community, and also gave the food pantry another reason to talk about their business which helped them gain more customers. Investing in others is a great way to build the goodwill that brings more business.

Making your business more attractive is simply a matter of helping people come to know what you believe in, and helping them feel the passion that you feel.

How do you attract people to your business? Would love to read your thoughts in the comments below.