Friends Photographing ThemselvesIf you’ve got a smartphone, you’ve got access to a camera, and you may enjoy sharing shots you take with your friends via social networks like Facebook and Instagram. But did you know that you can use that camera on your smartphone to help you grow your business? Here’s how:

  1. Take pictures of yourself and other people using your product. All the words in the world about your product don’t match the power of a single picture. So take pictures of yourself or your family using your products, or ask customers to share photos of themselves using it. Have a contest where people submit photos when they see someone using your product while out and about, and offer a prize your for favorites. Then share these photos through your business presences. It’s a great way to show others that your product is used and enjoyed by many people.
  2. Take pictures of your parties (with permission of course!) If you have meetings or parties where people can experience your products and learn more about them, take pictures! When people see how much fun your gatherings are, and how many folks are participating, it can encourage others to want to attend.
  3. Take pictures of things you get to enjoy as a result of your business. Have you been able to take that long-awaited vacation because of your business? Do your kids get to participate in a special program or sport because of what you do? Share photos of those things, and be sure to let everyone know that your business is the reason you get to participate. It can encourage others to want to learn more.
  4. Share photos of things unrelated to your business. Of course you want to share photos directly related to your business. But by sharing other photos, too, of things like sunsets, great meals, etc, you display your human side. Every time you share, you show up in the feeds of the people you’re connected to on your social networks. And each photo is a little reminder that you’re there, so people remember you. Then, when you share a photo related to your business, people are more likely to see it and respond.

Sharing photos as part of your marketing strategy is a great way to highlight what’s great about your business and products. It can highlight what you have to offer and connect with people when words fall short.

How do you use photos to promote your business? Please share your thoughts in the comments.