Woman Carrying Gift BoxesYou probably think that your product line is the best one out there. After all, that’s why you sell it! And it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that because you understand the benefits, the value is obvious to everyone. But that’s usually not the case. And simply reciting a long list of features and benefits will likely lose you the sale. It takes a skilled salesperson to highlight products in a way that make them seem valuable and desirable to customers.

Here are some tips to make your products feel more valuable and desirable for your customers:

  1. Get people talking. The more you can get others talking about your products, the more valuable and desirable they will seem. So when your customers are happy with your products, ask them to tell a friend. Provide them with the “above and beyond” service experience that makes them want to jump on Facebook and tell all their friends to shop with you too. Record videos of your customers using your products (or ask them to provide videos) and feature them through your social media profiles. Post testimonials from happy customers on your Facebook Page and website so people see how great your products are. Run contests where people submit pictures of themselves using your products, and share those photos with their friends. It’s a human trait to want what others have and like. Capitalize on that to build the desire for your products.
  2. Skip the long features list. Presenting too many features and benefits can bore your customer, and cause them to become overwhelmed, so they buy nothing at all. Instead, listen carefully to your customer and ask questions that help you find out what is important to him or her. Then you can highlight just the features that are most relevant to that specific customer, which makes your product seem most valuable to him or her.
  3. Highlight ease of use. The easier you can make your product seem, the more valuable it will be in the eyes of your customer. Of course you don’t want to in any way misrepresent your product, but educating your customer on how to use your product so that they don’t have to struggle to figure it out later will help your customer make a purchasing decision. Rather than having to rely on the instructions that come in the box, they’ve already had an educated salesperson who has taken the time to explain the product, and shown how easy it is to use. That beats a nameless, faceless big box store with uneducated employees every day of the week, and makes it more likely you’ll get the sale.
  4. Offer a test drive. People love to “try before they buy,” so when possible, give people the chance to test out your products risk-free. Offer a money-back guarantee, or have samples they can use before they purchase.  When you let people use your product first, they can see for themselves how valuable your product is, which increases the likelihood that they will buy it, because they’ve integrated it into their routine.

When customers have a chance to use and understand your products, they are more likely to purchase for themselves, and tell their friends. How do you present your products so that your customers find them desirable and valuable? Would love to read your thoughts in the comments below.