Five Powerful Ways to Combat Procrastination from http://dsef.orgSometimes when a task seems challenging or just a lot of work, it can be tempting to put it off and procrastinate. Even though you know that the task is something you should do, you find reasons and excuses to put it off, or you just never seem to get to it. But procrastination can hold you back from meeting your goals, so it’s important to work through this and get things done. Here are five powerful ways to combat procrastination so you can continue on the path towards your goals.

  1. Write it down. Having a written list is a powerful reminder that there are things you must do to accomplish your goals. If you find yourself putting off important tasks, make a list of what must be done and keep it in front of you as you work through your day.
  2. Do it first. In the morning, we have more energy for tasks that seem like a lot of work. So prioritize your list of things you must do, and make the difficult task number 1 on your list. If you know you must complete something in order to get to a more enjoyable task, you’re more likely to get it done.
  3. Ask for help. If you are finding that you simply cannot motivate yourself to get a particular task done, reach out to a spouse, family member, or good friend and ask them to hold you accountable, or even to help you complete the task. When you know that someone is going to ask you about something, you are more likely to get it done.
  4. Be creative. Perhaps the reason you don’t feel like completing a particular task is because it isn’t interesting to you. Why not look at the task and think about a different way to do it. Be creative! For example, if organizing your desk sounds like a drag, why not get your kids involved in helping you create a filing system? Give them prizes for the most decorative file box or prettiest space. Or if you are putting off those calls you know you really must make, why not change your location by going to your local coffee shop or park, and rewarding yourself after making a few calls with a treat? Find creative ways to make the task more enjoyable, and you’re more likely to get it done.
  5. Give yourself a deadline. Sometimes it’s easier to complete a task when you know you have a deadline. So schedule something (a conference call with a colleague, a more enjoyable task that you will do with others, etc.) that can only happen once the task at hand is complete. Especially when others are involved, you are more likely to complete the task to avoid disappointing others.

Wanting to procrastinate is natural sometimes, but be firm with yourself and get help when needed to keep yourself on track towards reaching your goals. Those that keep themselves going are the ones who succeed. You can do it!

How do you avoid procrastination? What are some tips you would offer? Would love to read your suggestions in the comments below!