It’s summertime! We look forward to the summer to spend time with family and friends. We kick back a little. And unfortunately, when that happens, our business can suffer. But in order to have a strong holiday selling season, you need to be active now, building the contacts that lead to new business.

Here are some tips that can help you stay motivated through the summer months, and throughout the year!

  1. Create a success chart – write down and highlight every success no matter how small or large and hang it next to your calendar.
  2. Just like you frame your diploma or degree – In large bold type frame WHY you do your business and why you want to succeed.
  3. As you chart your successes – visualize, journal and enjoy every intimate sense of your accomplishment.
  4. Acknowledge and be realistic about the challenges your business faces, but also consider all the benefits of every business decision you make.
  5. Do not waste your time worrying – the more positive you are the more opportunities you will discover.
  6. Embrace every mistake or misstep as a learning experience – focus on how you can learn from the experience, what you’ve learned and how you can overcome it.
  7. Create a community of supporters, mentors, business associates and share your experiences with them. Enable them to chart your successes, share your learning experiences and celebrate with them.
As a business owner, you will of course face challenges along the way. That’s why it’s important to be mindful about keeping yourself motivated. By taking some time to keep yourself on track, you’ll enjoy greater success!