Come Sign the Direct Selling Proclamation from http://dsef.orgAre you a direct seller? Let the world know how direct selling has positively impacted your life!

The Direct Selling Association has created the Direct Selling Proclamation and Compact, and it’s a way for all of us who have been positively impacted by the direct sales industry to show legislators, regulators and many others the significant positive impact that direct sales has had on our lives, and the lives of those around us.

Come join the 11,000 people who have already signed the Proclamation. This is our industry’s firm commitment to business ethics, product innovation and empowerment. All who sign the Proclamation make known their support for the direct selling business opportunity, DSA’s Code of Ethics and DSA’s mission “to protect, serve and promote the effectiveness of member companies and the business people they represent.”

Come sign the Proclamation and add your story to stories like these:

Erika H.
Harker Heights, TX – Texas

My husband and I were struggling in our finances and our marriage. He was working full-time as a solider and part-time in the Mall. I lost my job after having our third child. We were able to improve our marriage and our finances. We are so grateful for the support we received from the company. Our live have been greatly enriched. You can’t buy that. This Industry is amazing. It takes work, dedication and commitment. This is not a get rich quick business. My husband will retire from the Military in 6 months and now we get to continue what we’ve been doing. Changing lives.

Jennifer P.
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Direct selling has allowed me to stay home with my children while still providing for my family. It has giving me my family life back in a way no other job has or could.

Kathy N.
Gainesville, FL

When I was widowed with three young children my direct selling job allowed me the flexibility to determine my own income and work around my family. My children learned the values of honesty with customers, a good work ethic, and watched as I set and achieved goals. They have all grown up with good self-esteem and independence because of my example.

Jennifer E.
Dallas, Texas

I started my business in 1999 as a way to pay off school loans. I fell in love with the strong supportive atmosphere and all of the free business education I would have not been exposed to at such an early age at my corporate position. It has taught me how to be a successful business woman in my community and has given me so many more opportunities to support my family and church than I would have had otherwise. I love taking care of my customers and positively impacting the lives of the women I train.


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Make no mistake: this is a significant document. A vocal minority is trying to convince lawmakers and regulators that direct selling is bad for consumers. We know direct selling is a driving force in the economy, but without the voices of those who have been positively impacted, the assertions of those who would misrepresent us gain traction in the marketplace. While that vocal minority is slinging mud, we will take the high road and simply point out all that is good about direct selling—but we need hundreds of thousands of voices to provide the overwhelming evidence that direct selling is right for consumers.

Come share your unique story among other voices of direct selling entrepreneurs, and pass this along to your direct selling friends and colleagues using the share links below. Sign the Direct Selling Proclamation right now: