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To Pin or Not to Pin: Four Ways to Boost Your Social Media Presence

By Lance Trebesch

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites. What’s so great about it? It can help promote your business and services for free. Unlike other social networks, Pinterest has a reputation for sincerity. Sarcasm, irony, and disdain are largely absent from the collections of images that users think are wonderful. Here’s the lowdown on what Pinterest can do.

Follow the Leader
Pinterest lets you follow people, and allows them to follow you back, but instead of following verbal status updates, Pinterest follows images you find interesting.

You can pin images or items onto boards—anything from nail polish colors to pizza to blog articles—to form collections with common themes. If you want input, just change the board setting to allow others to contribute.

Pin Us Together
Not only does Pinterest tell you exactly how to add a “Follow” button on your website (so people can follow you on Pinterest), they also make it very simple to add a “Pin it” button as well. This means Pinterest users can Pin your work to their boards, translating to free exposure.

If you have items for sale, add a price tag to an image and Pin it to your board. It’s like a free online catalog.

4 Ways to Promote with Pinterest

·     Diversify your Pins: The more diverse your pins are, the more viewers you attract, opening up the demographics beyond your business’s current parameters.

·     Combine Business & Personal: Don’t just Pin images directly related to your business: you’ll limit the range of users you can reach. Do Pin images and items that appeal to you. Pinterest interviewed one small business owner who connected to others with similar interests by sharing pins, enabling her to launch the business of her dreams.

·     Pin Often: The Internet provides an endless source of images, so you can keep pinning. Pinterest had 103 million hits in February 2012 alone, which means you’ll have the opportunity to connect with a high number of users.

·     Repin Even More Often: Repinning is a quick and easy way to affirm others’ interests and connect them to your own. Repin images from within the Pinterest site to actively engage with others, and watch your following increase.

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