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Learn to Say No: Adding Pause, Reflection and Focus to Your Life

Women too often respond ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to demands by checking whether their calendar is free. Women need to start checking with their own goals to see if the request fits in.” — Jackie Farley, Ceo, CenterPoint. This applies to everyone — men and women. Our lives have taken on the speed of technology, amazingly unlimited opportunity, and “too muchness!” It’s time to step back and put life back into our lives. That includes pause, reflection and focus. Learn to make conscious choices to say no when necessary. Learn three tools to help you figure out what to say no to and how to actually say no. Here’s how.

Kathie Hightower

Kathie Hightower is an international speaker, author and writer working from her home office at the Oregon Coast. Author of Simple Joys: Little Things That Make a BIG Difference, the Jump Into Life Workbook, and frequent contributor to publications worldwide, Kathie does intensive, ongoing research for her writing and her seminars. Her focus is helping people pump up their energy, creativity and joy in life. A speaker and writer since 1990, Kathie has spoken to corporate, wellness, and military groups all over the United States, Europe, Japan and Korea. Kathie is also co-author of Help! I’m a Military Spouse —I Get a Life Too! soon to come out in a third edition. She has other books and a novel in the works.

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