Today’s highlighted post from Money Wi$e Women Get Smart Teleseminar Series:

What Pulls Your Trigger? Four Reasons You May Overspend

Do you ever feel “triggered”? Do you ever find yourself spending money you didn’t intend to, but you do it anyways? Sometimes we feel almost defiant when we spend. Sometimes we feel numb. But often, there is a deeper trigger behind our less-than-conscious spending. When we know what triggers us, it helps us avoid overspending in the first place and we become better able to analyze our overspending when it does happen. Thinking about our spending triggers also helps us not beat ourselves up so bad. So join money coach and author Mikelann Valterra as she talks about four kinds of spending triggers. Because if you can think about WHY you spend the way you do, you’re less likely to fall into overspending traps. And yes, you can actually use overspending as a personal growth experience!


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