DSEF, in partnership with the U.S. Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE), held a Best Paper competition at the USASBE Annual Conference, January 3-7.

DSEF funds research and case studies to advance understanding of the direct selling channel. Eight out of the 12 authors of these winning papers are DSEF Fellows.

Social Entrepreneurship & the Direct Sales Channel: Trades of Hope
Dr. Christine Mollenkopf-Pigsley

Predictive Models of Independent Salesforce Performance: The Case of Direct Selling Micro-Entrepreneurs
Dr. Caroline Glackin and Dr. Murat Adivar

Direct Selling as a Path to Business Ownership: Molly’s Mary Kay Journey
Dr. Sara Cochran

Empowering Minorities and Women Direct Sellers through Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies: An Intersectionality Perspective
Dr. Doreen Chung, Dr. Kyuree Kim, Dr. Angie Lee, Dr. Jessica Hurst, Dr. Linda Niehm, Dr. Ann Marie Fiore, Dr. Malvika Rajagopal and Dr. Rebecca Tang

DSEF Fellows received prominent recognition and visibility throughout the meeting. All of the winning papers were selected for presentation at the conference. Congratulations to all!