How do I get people to interact with me online?

How do I build an online community?

Like most things in the beginning, you have to get traction and then build momentum. Consider pushing a big piece of furniture across the room. It requires more effort at first, but once you gain momentum it becomes easier. It’s the same online. Once you’ve get traction you can build on that momentum to accomplish your goal of reaching your target market in your online community.

Here are several effective ways to gain traction and build your online community for business.

  1. To start, invite business-related people you know in person to your online community and use your online presence as a way to keep in touch and nurture your relationships.
  2. Do what you would do if you were meeting someone in person:
    • Say hello
    • Ask simple questions
    • Share your interests
    • Share current events
    • Listen and be responsive
    • Let it be about them
  3. Invite people to share:
    • Their business
    • Their interests
    • Their passions
  4. Give people a call to action:
    • Join me
    • Sign up for specials or a newsletter
    • Like me
    • Comment and please share your thoughts
  5. Keep your updates/post/comments:
    • Positive
    • Interesting and appealing – use photos, videos, etc.
    • Relevant
    • Short and concise

If you start by promoting your business or advertising you will not be able to establish engagement or build an online community. You must be engaging and earn the interest of the people you want to reach.

A successful online presence is more than just pretty tabs. Engaging updates are what determine your online success. So focus on writing post that are interesting and engaging, and you’re a lot more likely to see engagement and establish an online community that speaks to your target market. And once you gain traction, it will be easier to capitalize on that momentum and build a thriving community.

What advice would you give about establishing an online community?  Please share in the comments!

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