There are so many different factors that contribute to success in your direct sales business, but one of the most important is the confidence you project to others.  Because your business functions on the relationships you build with others, your customers must know that you are the right person for the job.  When you truly believe that you’re great at what you do, then your customers will know it too.

  • Practice makes perfect.  If you lack confidence in your sales presentation for example, improving yourself can be as simple as practicing.  Start by making your presentation in front of the mirror, and then move on to your kids’ stuffed animals.  When you start feeling better about what you’re doing, get up in front of a few close family members to continue rehearsing.  For the truly brave and ambitious, consider recording yourself on video.  Watch it back and take notes on what you’d like to improve as well as where you excelled.  This will give you a more accurate perspective on how others perceive you and will also allow you to pinpoint areas of strength and weakness.
  • Find a mentor.  The mentor relationship can be extremely beneficial for both the mentor and protégé.  The first place to look is to your upline, most likely the person who brought you into the business.  If that person is unavailable, he or she can connect you with other experienced and successful direct sales consultants either within your company or others that can help increase your self-esteem through pep talks, professional development opportunities, networking events, etc.  It may be a good idea to observe your mentor in action.  If the person is always at the top of list in sales every month, ask him or her to take you along to a sales presentation or home party.  You may come away from the experience with some fresh ideas that you can apply to your own method.  The key to an effective mentor relationship is having someone that you trust and respect.
  • Find a partner.  A partner, unlike a mentor, doesn’t have to be someone involved in the business.  Sometimes the best partners are people already in our lives that can act as our personal cheerleaders.  A close friend or relative that can share joy in your accomplishments and bolster your self-esteem after rejection would make a great partner.  Identify first what you want and need in a partner and share your ideas with that person.  It never hurts to have someone who you know will be in your corner no matter what.
  • Dress for success.  This may seem obvious, but when we are self-conscious about the way we look, it affects our entire being; this lack of confidence can be sensed by others.  Make sure when you leave the house for a sales demo or training event, for example, you are wearing something that makes you feel good.  It should fit you well, be appropriate for the event (not to casual and not too dressy), and be put together with appropriate accessories and hair style.  A put-together look exudes professionalism, competence, and of course confidence.

How do you find confidence within yourself?  Does it increase your success?  Please share your ideas with us in the comments section below!

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