Every once in awhile, it’s a good idea to incorporate fresh, new elements into your business. Finding ways to inject something new into your business is definitely within your reach. Tapping into your own creativity as well as reaching out to available resources are great ways to start. Consider the following four ideas to bring innovation to your business.

  1. Review client feedback on a regular basis. Sometimes, the best way to generate new ideas is to acquire a different perspective. Pursuing customer feedback allows you to look at your business through their eyes. For example, you may have an online payment system that works well on your end, but customers find it difficult to use if they just want to browse products instead of ordering something specific. Reaching out to your clients for honest feedback and taking the time to review it will help you figure out where to begin implementing new ideas.
  2. Incorporate competitors’ ideas. Who says you have to reinvent the wheel? Research your competitors and tweak their ideas to fit your own business. Of course, you want to be careful not to infringe on any copyrights or trademarks, but their logistical ideas and even marketing strategies can help you breathe some fresh air into your own business. Perhaps the competing stationary shop across town has begun offering their customers the opportunity to receive texts when their orders are ready or when certain products debut or go on sale. If you find that a good amount of their clients are taking advantage of that convenience, then it could be time for you to incorporate that as well. Staying on top of what your competitors are doing is a good idea anyway, especially to prevent customers from leaving you for them.
  3. Continually brainstorm to improve upon existing ideas. Reflect upon your own ideas. Ask yourself what works really well and what could use improvement. Don’t be afraid of some trial and error when looking to improve certain areas of your business. If something isn’t working as well as you had hoped, scrap it and try a different approach. You might, for instance, experiment with different layouts of your retail area, revisit your training process for new employees, or overhaul your professional development events for your colleagues. When you make it a habit to constantly pursue improvement, your business will always benefit.
  4. Look to other industries for new ideas. Don’t just limit yourself to what others in your field are doing; other industries or even bigger businesses can be wonderful resources for generating new ideas. If that clothing store nearby holds a monthly customer appreciation event that attracts a large amount of new prospects, begin to implement a similar idea for your restaurant, salon, or gift shop. Businesses across all industries have many common goals, so think outside the box by paying attention to what other industries do to achieve success.

Inspiration for new ideas can come from a variety of places. The key is knowing where to look and not limiting yourself to the usual and the comfortable. Take the initiative to acquire feedback, research competitors and other industries, and reflect on your own ideas.

How do you find ideas to innovate your business? Please share them with us in the comments section below!