One of the advantages of modern technology is that it is easy to get your information out the masses very quickly.  The downside to this is that there is an overabundance of data everywhere we turn, so our message can get lost in the crowd.  Here are some tips on making sure your message is heard, received, and acted upon.

  • Focus on the customer, not on your product.  People respond well to others taking a sincere interest in them.  Keep this in mind when designing your marketing material, updating your social media presence, and interacting with others face-to-face.  For example, instead of posting a Facebook status centered on your product or service, write one that requires comments from others about something in their lives.  “Nothing better than a morning jog after I’ve had my XYZ Protein Shake. What a boost of energy!  What do you drink in the morning before a workout?”  This status mentions your product, why you love it, and asks others to respond to a question.  It also allows them an opportunity to ask about your product, especially if they share your interests.  When people are talking about themselves, they don’t feel as if they’re being “sold to” and are much more open to listening to your message.
  • Not interested? Say thanks and move on.  If you have presented your product to a customer or your opportunity to a prospect in an effective way and he or she is still showing no interest in your message, accept their response and move on to your next task.  It does not pay (literally!) to waste time, energy, or materials on someone who is not interested.  Not every product or opportunity is for everyone.  For example, when talking to a guest at a home show about your business, you ask to make an appointment with them to discuss your opportunity.  The guest replies that she already works full-time at a job she loves and is stretched pretty thin between work and family.  Instead of pressing on to get that appointment, accept that she is likely not the right person to pursue, thank her for coming to the home show, and continue with business at hand.  Getting your message heard has as much to do with listening to others as it does talking to them.
  • Make it about customers’ needs.  Part of selling involves educating customers about why they would need your product.  At a recent gathering of other health-conscious individuals, a direct seller of nutritional supplements found himself in the company of someone who follows a vegan diet (consumes no animal products).  This person was unknowingly depriving his body of probiotics (good bacteria) needed to break down bad bacteria since he cut out all dairy (yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.).  The direct seller was able to teach the client about the importance of probiotics and what his company’s probiotic supplement line could do for his health.  This approach is requires a good deal of preparedness and listening skills, but can be very effective in getting your message across to others.

People are inundated with all kinds of messages throughout their day.  Make sure yours is heard by focusing on the customers and their needs.  How do you get your message heard?  Please share your ideas below!

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