Reflections on Success - Free ebook from the Direct Selling Education FoundationThe New Year is a time for reflection, focusing on where you are, and where you want to take your business moving forward. It is helpful for business owners to take time to write down these insights, for they can help you create a road map for your business. Rather than simply “going through the motions” of the day to day tasks your business requires, you can give your business strategic direction that moves you in the direction of your goals.

With that in mind, we at the Direct Selling Education Foundation have put together a free gift for you. It’s a 30-day reflection journal called “Reflections on Success” and you can download it from our Facebook Page by clicking here. This journal helps you focus on success habits and your goals, helping you build the business you want in the coming year. We encourage you to take some time each day to focus on the daily thought, in order to develop the habits that will help you build a thriving business.

We hope that you will use this free book to build your business, and pass this link along to your friends and colleagues as well:

You’ll find all 3 free ebooks we’ve offered this year at this link, so if you haven’t yet taken advantage of our “Business Owner’s Roadmap to Success” or “Creating Your Success Mindset” ebooks, you’ll be able to download those as well.

We wish you much success in the coming year! Happy New Year!

Your Friends at the DSEF