How to Make Your Business More Fun from http://dsef.orgLet’s face it…we’re more likely to spend time on things we enjoy. And when you’re your own boss, a fun business is one that’s going to be something you look forward to working at daily.

Do you consider your business fun? Could you add some fun to your business? We turned to our very smart Facebook community of business owners (have you Liked us yet?) and asked them what advice they would give to someone that wanted to add more fun. Here’s what they shared:

  • Aim for excellence, not perfection. Often we stress ourselves out about our business because we’re so focused on trying to make everything perfect. But as Patricia Collette in Ontario advises, “Just relax and you don’t have to remember every detail about the business. Nobody will know if you forgot to tell them something or not .” And as Cimberly Melbye says, “Never take yourself too seriously.” Good advice.
  • Run fun campaigns that make people smile. Lisa Balthaser of Pennsylvania and Michelle Lersch of Florida both run contests that their customers love! And Lisa Hall-Wieser of Pennsylvania suggests, “Have theme parties like girls night in or a pajama party!” What fun!
  • Make sure you love what you have to offer. Tavia Stiegler of Maryland says, “You must be in a business that you personally LOVE the products or services. Otherwise it’ll be hard to be excited about what you’re doing.” If you don’t love what you offer and what it does for people, maybe it’s time to make a change.
  • Integrate your business into other activities you love. Dawn DeSario of Massachusetts advises, “When you love what you do, you will automatically have FUN!! Add more enjoyable activities into your work day..have more “coffee dates,” “lunch dates,” do some fun trainings, shop for some new fashionable business clothes while on the lookout for potential business. Shop for fashion jewelry, or have a “spa-day.” We need to look professional so have fun with it!! There is SO much to do to increase the FUN-Factor!!! Have Fun with that!!

We love these ideas, and they’re sure to make a business more fun! What would you add? How do you add fun to your business? We’d love to read your thoughts in the comments below!