Have you ever imagined that something in your situation is different? Perhaps while waiting outside for the train in single digit temperatures, you hold your coffee cup tight and visualize yourself on the platform in the middle of summer with the sun shining in a cloudless sky. For those few seconds or minutes, you’ve distracted your brain from the biting cold and survived your wait a bit longer.

This same concept can benefit your business. Here are some suggestions for improving your outlook in order to improve your business.

  • Think of everything as a gift.  This includes events you host or attend and experiences you have in your business. Instead of approaching it like a job, go into it like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. This change in mindset will allow you to get the most out of the situation and maximize your enjoyment. For example, you’re about to meet with a potential client. Don’t think of it as another sales call; do think of it as a chance to get to know someone new, to talk about why you love your job, and to learn something from another person that you’ll eventually take with you to use in the future. You’ll find yourself feeling more cheerful and more grateful about your professional life. This positivity will rub off on those around you for a more fulfilling and successful business.
  • Do things that make people smile. Tap into your desire to please others and your inner sense of humor. Even the smallest things that can make someone smile can make you feel good as well. Compliment your partner’s new hair cut, or leave some snacks and a handwritten note of appreciation for your custodial staff. When you take even a little bit of time to show others you care or are thinking of them, your attitude improves and you become motivated to continue – not to mention that it makes others appreciate you as well. These positive effects on your business will be demonstrated in staff morale, increased drive to succeed, and happier customers.
  • Write down 3 positive things every day. Post your list somewhere in plain view, like on the refrigerator, and revisit it often. No matter what obstacles you face throughout your day, focusing on the positive is an effective way to get yourself through. Sometimes just the reminder that you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff can be enough to re-energize yourself and take on the day with determination and pride.
  • Consider everyone you meet a potential friend. Think of some of the important people in your life; how did you meet them? There’s no doubt a funny story about how you met your best friend or how you came to hire your valued assistant. You never know when that next experience is right around the corner. No, you won’t become friends with everyone you meet in the true sense of the word. However, by considering the possibility, you will always put 100% into every interaction with clients, prospects, and staff. Those you meet will recognize and appreciate your attitude that you are truly glad to meet them. From there, relationships can be built, which are the backbone of your business.

In what ways does your improved attitude benefit your business? Please share your comments below!