Which would you rather do: spend two hours completing a task or get it done in 45 minutes?  You may be spending more time than is necessary on various projects and day-to-day responsibilities for your business because you may not be working efficiently.  Take a look at the list below to learn how you can make the most of your time and increase your productivity.

  • Find your best time of day.  We all have a certain time of the day during which we are the most energized, motivated, and therefore productive.  For example, if you’re a morning person, plan on tackling the most challenging of tasks as soon as you begin your day.  Not only will you be able to make the most out of your peak time, but you will also be able to enjoy the remainder of your day much more because you already completed the hardest part. On the other hand, if you know you work best after lunch, make a point to eat something healthy and filling enough to give you the fuel you need to kick the next chunk of time into high gear.  By identifying when you work best, you can plan your day around those times.
  • Focus on what makes you money.  It isn’t difficult to side-tracked with several smaller tasks like answering emails, updating your Facebook status, and de-cluttering your filing cabinet.  Although these are all things that need to be done regularly, when time is of the essence, pour your energy and attention into things that actually make you money.  Call your referrals about hosting a party, book a meeting with a prospect to share your opportunity, or work on your demo for that upcoming vendor sale.  Money-making activities should always be a top priority when creating your day’s agenda.
  • Keep a time journal.  Whether your do it electronically or by hand, keeping a time journal can be a very helpful tool that you can use to improve your work habits.  Document every activity for at least a full work week. Don’t forget to include snack breaks, time spent sending and receiving personal texts, and anything else that you think only take a second.  Those “seconds” quickly add up, and by seeing in writing how you have been spending your time, you may realize that a change is in order.  On the other hand, you may also find that you are generally good at tuning out distractions, but certain times of day are less productive for other reasons (less energy, something unexpected comes up).  Analyze your time journal to further improve your good habits and eliminate bad ones.
  • Take advantage of what your upline has to offer.  One of the great things about the direct selling industry is the access you have to people with experience and success doing exactly what you’re doing.  Reach out to your upline to help you stay on task.  Ask them for tips on staying focused, how they manage a typical day, and what strategies they have used to increase their own productivity.  Your upline is a wonderful resource that can both help you directly or refer you to others who can.  Do seek them out to help you make the most out of your day.

Leveraging your productivity requires knowledge of your own strengths and weaknesses, a willingness to reflect and adjust, and motivation to succeed.  How do you leverage your productivity?  Please share your ideas in the comments section below!

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