When you are self-employed, you have the wonderful opportunity to take charge of your professional life every single day. Small business ownership has its challenges, so it is of utmost importance that you set yourself up for success with each new day. Maintaining a positive outlook can really strengthen your resolve and keep you motivated. The following are some suggestions for making every day successful.

  • Start the day with 10 minutes of inspirational thoughts/readings/music. Just as breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it fuels your body for what lies ahead, inspirational thoughts can do the same for your mind. Find your inspiration in any number of places; the most important thing is that you connect with it on some level, whether it be your favorite song, a poem, scriptures, or even a free app on your phone or tablet that provides an inspirational quote each day. Anytime you get stressed out or just need a mental pick-me-up, you can reflect on that morning’s inspiration to help you continue.
  • Remind yourself of the deeper “why” of your work. Why did you decide to run your own business? What is the reason that this particular line of work interests you? How does it fulfill you? You may have answered these questions a long time ago, but reminding yourself of those answers can get you back on track when you may be having a hard time. Success most often begets success, so remember that you’ve already achieved more than many others ever could, and remind yourself why you love what you do.
  • Put on a smile (even if you don’t feel it)…because after awhile, you probably will! If you’ve ever spent time with someone who is often smiling, you’ve probably noticed that you smile as well. When you smile, you exude a positive feeling, and others feel comfortable and happy to be around you. This is true and important not only for your customers, but also for colleagues, staff, family, and friends. Giving others a pleasant feeling is a very important element in the world of business.
  • Keep your conversations positive. When someone asks, “How are you today?” your answer should be a positive one, rather than a play-by-play of everything that’s gone wrong so far. People feel good when others have positive things to say, so choose your words carefully in order to stay upbeat.
  • Do the most important things first. Prioritizing that undoubtedly long list of to-do’s focuses your energy and sets you up for success. There is no way you would finish a lengthy list of tasks in one day, so choose one or a few to do first so that when you complete them, you’ve actually succeeded in doing what you set out to do that day.
  • Maintain a good work/life balance. It’s true that success comes from hard work, but a life without other fulfilling things can really bring you down and negatively affect your business. Make sure you are spending quality time with family, making time for hobbies you enjoy, or even finding some time just for yourself on a regular basis. A proper balance of professional and personal fulfillment is the key to overall success. You are not a one-dimensional person who only needs to work and nothing else. Embrace your well-rounded nature, and give yourself time to do what you love to do outside of work.

Making every day a success requires a positive mindset above all else. You’ll benefit with more confidence and a greater enjoyment for what your do professionally.

How do you make every day successful? Please share with us in the comments section!