NCPW2013_285x285A big thank you to everyone who participated to make National Consumer Protection Week 2013 our best celebration yet! From folks that put together amazing, free consumer protection resources, to the companies that donated prizes, to all of you who entered, it’s been a great week dedicated to helping people make better decisions as consumers and business owners.

Comments from You

We’ve had comments from you like:

“I love the Wifi protection article. I don’t think many people realize how easy it is for hackers to get into your wifi devices.” ~ Sunny Downes

“I found the Five Tips for Safe Mobile Banking interesting – it is something I have been thinking of starting to use!” ~ Traci Rasmussen

“I found the article about the 4% charge on credit/ debit cards. I never noticed till last week when I was in at KFC that I was charged a different price. When asked she pointed to a sign smaller than a business card. WOW” ~ Lindsey Duprel

“I love the Money Wi$e portion and the Free Ebook…that I share with everyone I know! lol…

Thanks for being there…I really love everything about the DSEF so many great tips and tricks that I share on a daily basis with my team!!

xo” ~ DivaVal

Donating Companies

A big thank you to all the direct selling companies that provided prizes this week. They clearly demonstrated the commitment the direct sales industry has for consumer protection:


Congratulations to our winners this week! We gave away a collection of more than 20 products each day from the companies above. Our winners are:

  • Monday: Sue Williams
  • Tuesday: Dawn Mulvey
  • Wednesday: Jennifer Hartman
  • Thursday: Kimberly Allar
  • Friday: Lindsey Pierce
iPad Mini donated by Nu Skin for our National Consumer Protection Week 2013 contest at

iPad Mini donated by Nu Skin for our National Consumer Protection Week 2013 contest at

And thanks to Nu Skin, we also gave away an iPad Mini this week. The winner was selected at random from the nearly 1,000 entries we received this week.

And the winner of the iPad Mini is…

  • Alice Andreat

Congratulations to everyone who won. And please continue to take advantage of the consumer protection resources we’ve provided on this page. There are a ton of them! We are committed to making sure you can find the consumer protection information you need to make the best possible choices for your business and family.