Making a sale is not always easy. However, understanding these main points may help you convert more sales and make the process easier.

  1. Identify the right product for the right client. You must define your target market and then make sure that your products/services are solving problems they have. Without this key element you will not make many sales.
  2. Develop and cultivate relationships. If you have some kind of relationship with a prospect it will make it easier to approach them with your products/services. Done correctly, the sales pitch comes across more like helping out a friend. Make sure you are authentic, honest and providing a solution to your friend’s problem. A relationship built on trust and value will generate reorders.
  3. Once you have a relationship with your prospect, find out what their likes and dislikes are. Understand what impresses the prospect. Do they focus on value, style, ease? Lead with that in your solution to their problem (sales pitch).
  4. Finally, make the sales process quick, simple and easy. Your ability to do this will project professionalism and cause the prospect to perceive greater value in your products and services. And the next time he/she needs products/services like yours, he/she will go to you first.

Take a look at your current approach to selling. Do you follow these main points? How well are you implementing them? If you understand and apply these main points in this order, and take the time to do it correctly, in the long run you will generate more sales, reorders and make sales easier.

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