You may have an outstanding product line. It has amazing features and benefits. You’re in love with it. But if a customer doesn’t understand how your product meets her needs and wants, then you won’t make any sales. It’s that simple.

So how do you make sure a customer understands how your product meets her needs? It’s all about focusing on a customers needs and wants.

  • Ask questions. Don’t begin any customer interaction with a sales pitch. A sales pitch is about you. But until a customer knows that you understand him, your sales pitch won’t resonate.
  • Match benefits to needs and wants. Once you understand what motivates someone, you are much more prepared to offer an effective sales presentation. Focus on the features and benefits of your product that match what the customer has told you about what he needs and wants, and your presentation will be a lot more successful. You can do this even in a party setting. Begin the presentation by asking questions of the guests…what they do, what their concerns are…and probe those areas that you know your product can help. Then, when you’re sharing products you can focus on those specific benefits of your product line.
  • Listen online. Social networks can provide a tremendous amount of information. Before meeting with a customer, check out her profile online on sites like Facebook. Zero in on what she talks about, what bothers her, what she loves. Include those elements in your face to face presentation and you’ll find you have better results.

Even though you may think it takes more time to learn about a customer before offering your products, you will find it actually saves you time, because you only need to highlight the features and benefits that meet the needs of that particular customer. So be sure to understand your product line intimately, so you’re prepared to offer those features and benefits that best meet a customer’s needs.

How do you find out what a customer needs? What questions do you ask? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!