SeneGence Case Study

“I had no assets or money of any kind. I had nothing to lose, so I said to myself, ‘This is the perfect time to figure out how to build a business,’ ” states Joni Rogers-Kante in this case about her humble beginnings and the creation of what is today a cosmetics empire. The Joni Rogers-Kante & SeneGence case touches on topics of skyrocketing growth, the operational and leadership shifts that accompany such growth, industry ethics, home-based business, family business, legacy and succession planning, goal-setting, the “mom market,” the metaverse / VR (as a corporate strategy, accelerated due to Covid), competing priorities (aka work-life balance), entrepreneurship and ideation, overcoming adversity, company culture, corporate social responsibility/social impact/ESGs, and the rules of engagement for working with family members.