Six Telltale Signs You Found a LeaderSurrounding yourself with successful people plays a large role in your business success. An effective leader can mentor, motivate, and inspire you to do great things. You can likely look back on your years in school and identify a teacher or two who did any or all of those things for you. What did you achieve during your time with that teacher? The same goes for the real world of entrepreneurship. When looking for leaders to add to your circle and your business, here are some qualities to look for

  • The person gets things done. Not only can she be relied upon to keep her word, but she finds the most efficient way to meet her responsibilities. You can learn from people who maximize their time in such a way, as it allows them to accomplish more and to do it faster.
  • He/she has good social skills and is likeable. Most leaders have a natural way of relating to others and possess a certain amount of charisma. Others enjoy being around them, and they make for good company in both their professional and personal social lives. This likeable quality helps them earn respect and trust from their colleagues. Someone who can understand and relate to others can more easily lead those folks to achieve success.
  • A leader wants to achieve more. A leader never stops raising the bar. This person seeks continual improvement, and in turn leads others to do the same. In business, this benefits everyone. If each person in your upline is motivated to achieve more and passes that inspiration and knowledge on to you, you will achieve and continue it on to your downline. It is almost instinctual for a leader to frequently assess his or her set of goals to achieve long-term success.
  • The person learns quickly. This requires a great amount of focus, good listening skills, and a willingness to try new things right away. The ability to learn quickly allows a leader to acquire and master a large amount of skills, providing versatility that will serve him/her well in all aspects of the business.
  • He/she is organized. Organization is crucial to maximize efficiency and make time for income-producing activities. For example, since tax time can be stressful, many people have adopted a system that they keep updated throughout the entire year. When April arrives, filing taxes is easy and can be done quickly and accurately. One direct seller recommends his system of keeping his receipts in order by type of purchase instead of by month, so reporting his deductions the right way is much easier. If organization is not your strong suit, look to these people for guidance.
  • A leader understands the power of working as a team. No one finds success without the help of others in some way. Every man for himself does not work in direct sales. Working as a team has the power to bring success to everyone involved, and a leader not only understands this concept, but knows how to facilitate collaboration to make this happen.

Consider these characteristics when deciding with whom to surround yourself and who to emulate. If you have a good leader in your midst, take his or her advice to heart and use that person as a role model for how to achieve your goals.

What are some qualities of the leaders in your life? Please share your comments below!