DSEF recently asked its Fellows to share their experiences using the Foundation’s teaching content, research and case studies in the classroom. Here are a few highlights:

My students have pointedly benefited from DSEF case materials. The Big Data video is highly insightful and garners substantial discussion. The Cocoa Exchange case, particularly the related video, is wonderful for discussing corporate social responsibility, women’s empowerment and direct selling.

Dr. William F. Crittenden
Professor, International Business and Strategy
Northeastern University


 The students relate to selling Cutco because of Vector’s business model of using college students to sell the products. I am thrilled with the opportunities to bring experiential learning into my classroom and students gain real world skill sets which will help them in their careers.

Dr. Wendy Ritz
Assistant Teaching Professor- Marketing
Florida State University Panama City


As a DSEF Fellow, I have had amazing opportunities to engage with direct selling industry leaders, and it has really helped shape my research agenda. I was able to develop a teaching case that connected my research interest in effectuation and social entrepreneurship with the founders of Trades of Hope and was awarded a research grant at my university.

As a bonus, many students were introduced to the direct selling distribution channel as an avenue for social entrepreneurship and considered it in the development of their own social enterprise.

Dr. Christine Mollenkopf-Pigsley
Assistant Professor & Program Director- Applied Organizational Studies
Minnesota State University Mankato

The DSEF pedagogical support materials address real-world, timely marketing practices. I am able to leverage the articles and case videos in highly-engaging discussions about the increasing role of disintermediation in marketing channels. I also use the materials to reinforce how direct selling is an inextricable opportunity in the ‘Gig Economy.’ This is important because my students are likely engaged in the Gig Economy.

Dr. Lou Pelton
Associate Professor of Marketing
University of North Texas