3 Ways To Increase Your Average Customer OrderDo you know what your average customer order size is? This is the average amount a customer spends when they make a purchase from your business. Knowing this number is important, because if you can increase the average customer order size, you can increase the overall income you make for your business. Here are some ways you can increase the average order size for your business:

  1. Offer 3 Choices – When offering products to customers, choose one high priced item, one medium priced item, and one lower priced item. Most often, the customer will choose the item in the middle. By choosing a medium-priced item that is priced higher than your average order, you can increase the order size.
  2. Bundle – Everyone likes a good deal, and bundling is a great way to increase your customer order size. Show your customer how much a set of items would cost individually, then offer a bundle price that saves the customer a few dollars. Rather than just buying one item, the customer will often decide to go with the bundle, increasing your order size even with the discount.
  3. Upsell – There is a reason that supermarkets often provide candy and other lower-priced items at the register. They hope they can entice you to add a few dollars to your order. Be sure you know what lower-priced items complement some of the items you usually sell, and suggest them when your customer is checking out. Show them how the items work together, and highlight the benefits of owning both. (“Do you want fries with that?”) When you make upselling something that you do consistently, you will find that your average order size increases.

When you increase your average order size, you increase your profits. How can you present your products so that customers decide to buy more? Please share with us your ideas in the comments!