From the DSEF: We’re excited to continue our blog series featuring top executives in DSEF-supporter direct selling companies today! Every few weeks we’ll introduce you to another top executive, and they’ll share their thoughts on Direct Sales, Ethics, Social Good, and why they support the DSEF. 

Today we’re thrilled to continue this series with David Lisonbee, 4Life Research Founder & CEO, and Bianca Lisonbee, Co-Founder & Chairwoman of Foundation 4Life. 4Life Research has been a big supporter of the DSEF for many years, and we’re thrilled to have the Lisonbees share their thoughts with you today. Enjoy!

Executive Spotlight: David and Bianca Lisonbee, 4Life Research

David and Bianca Lisonbee

David and Bianca Lisonbee

What is the name of your company, and how did you become involved with this company?

We launched 4Life Research in 1998. Looking back, it’s more apparent to us now than ever that “Research” in our company name was no mistake. With a background in direct selling and health and wellness, we knew that in order to succeed, 4Life distributors would rely on our corporate commitment to scientific integrity. At the end of the day, product efficacy and differentiation play important roles in distributor success.

With this in mind, we have a Health Science Advisory Board comprised of doctors, researchers, academicians and scientists who inform our Research and Development Department led by 4Life Chief Scientific Officer Calvin McCausland, Ph.D.

Since 1998, 4Life has been granted nine worldwide patents (six from the USPTO) and more than 500 product registrations.

With a mature sales force, charismatic product line, global charitable organization (Foundation 4Life) and an opportunity that has produced significant growth every year since our inception, we feel we’re uniquely positioned as a global leader in the marketplace.

What do you love about your company?

Our distributors. Our employees. Our partnerships. The people. In fact, our corporate slogan is Together, Building People. Science is an integral part of our opportunity but it isn’t science for science’s sake. We commit ourselves to one-of-a-kind products in order to engage entrepreneurs with an opportunity to succeed. And in this industry, none of us go it alone. It’s a great honor to share and build successful lifestyles with people, and we’re blessed by the opportunity to build these lifelong partnerships with people here in our home state of Utah and in countries on the other side of the world. No matter where we go, we encounter people who dedicate themselves to our mission of improving lives in the areas of science, success, and service.

What makes your salesforce amazing?

Our network of global distributors spans 5 continents with corporate offices in 22 countries. As such, we enjoy a salesforce of great diversity. But wherever we go and whomever we build business with around the world, there seem to be numerous core values that we all share. Faith, for example. Our 4Life family encompasses great diversity. We break bread with people of all religious backgrounds. But no matter the religious backgrounds from which we each arrive, the distributors of 4Life tend to believe, not only in the importance of belief but also in the importance of respecting the beliefs of others. Then there’s the singularity of vision that we see in the actions of our leaders. 4Life distributors are committed to improving their own lives, as well the lives of others and because of this, they tend to be active and contributing members of their communities.

Ethics is an integral part of DSA membership. How do you ensure your company maintains the highest level of ethics?

We train and promote the importance of ethical leadership. This year, 4Life was recognized with the Code of Ethics in Action distinction at the DSA Annual Meeting in Grapevine, TX. The Direct Selling Association created this symbol of consumer protection to select companies who go above and beyond the standard of commitment to communicating the importance of our industry’s Code of Ethics. We’re honored by this acknowledgement because it recognizes our commitment to the highest level of ethics in all areas of business.

Social good is another essential element of direct sales. What kind of social good campaigns does your company participate in or run?

We launched Foundation 4Life® in 2006 to build people, families, and communities wherever 4Life® conducts business, with a particular focus on the children of the world.

Today, we conduct work in more than 20 countries. Our projects are driven by the field so we always have people on the ground in communities where we work. This is important because we’re more interested in developing philanthropic partnerships than we are in one-off donations.

One example of our Foundation’s strategic initiative: We’re in the process of identifying specific communities around the world with 200-300 children each to develop a 5-6 year relationship. During that time, we’ll implement a sustainability program in conjunction with Feed The Children to focus on four primary areas: food and nutrition, health and education, water and sanitation, and skills for income development.

Your company is a Direct Selling Education Foundation supporter. Why do you think DSEF is important?

Support of the Direct Selling Education Foundation isn’t merely important – it’s essential. The primary function of the Direct Selling Association is to lobby and defend our industry’s market position.

The DSEF focuses on building public trust and understanding through partnerships, education drives, media initiatives and that kind of high level brand campaigning so important to the general perception of what our businesses are all about.

The DSEF works for each of us to preserve and improve a market climate of trust, which helps direct sellers prosper and thrive. Perhaps we should end by pointing out that DSA Membership does not include support of the DSEF’s work. 4Life’s support of the DSEF is an important responsibility.

Thank you, David and Bianca Lisonbee, for sharing your inspiring story with us. We are grateful for the support of companies like 4Life Research, that help us to spread the message of ethics, entrepreneurship and integrity around the world. We appreciate you!


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