Mantras were originally meant to be repeated in a meditative manner for the purpose of finding serenity and focus. They can also be used in the business world to motivate and concentrate your efforts.  Here are some ways that implementing a mantra can improve your business.

  • Stay focused on goals and values.  A mantra is brief and memorable.  As such, it is an easy phrase for you to reflect upon and repeat in many day-to-day operations.  For example, auto rental giant Avis has adopted the mantra, “We try harder,” which clear, concise, and fully encompasses the company’s main objective.  By repeating this mantra and keeping it at the forefront of daily business dealings, you are sure to satisfy customers and keep them coming back.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain a business strategy. Let the mantra guide such important decisions from idea to finished product.  When taking on or creating anything new, the number one question should be, “Is this consistent with my business mantra?”  The answer should be yes, so that you know that this idea matches the core of what the business is all about.
  • Manage your stress levels. Owning a business is overwhelming to say the least, mostly because the buck stops with you.  Use your mantra to keep your goals in mind and guide your decisions for the benefit of the company.  Always come back to it for problem solving and conflict resolution, two other high stressors of business ownership.
  • Communicate with your customers.  Use your mantra as a liaison between your business and the outside world.  A good mantra makes it easy for others to understand what the company is all about.  By using it as a tagline in advertising and promotional materials, you make yourself memorable and edge out your competitors.  This of course can lead to increased clientele and improved sales.
  • Here are some examples:
    • Move your feet to get it complete
    • Make one more goal to go for gold
    • More No means more Yes
    • A day’s work brings pay
    • Focus on task so you can bask
    • Ready, Set and get ahead
    • No pain no gain.

Remember, to keep your mantra short and memorable. Repetition of your mantra will help you focus, reduce negative self-talk and help you accomplish your task. It can also remind you of your core business goals and its very reason for existing.  A well-written mantra can be a valuable tool that leads your business to success. Do you use mantras? Please share your mantra with us in the comments.