Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your Business Mobile-Friendly from http://dsef.orgIs your business serving its mobile customers well? Is your website optimized (not just available) for mobile browsers? Can people who only have a mobile device, and not a computer, interact with your business online?

For too many small businesses, the answer is “no.” And in today’s mobile society, this is a competitive disadvantage. Consumers expect to interact with your business online wherever they are, and if they can’t, they will quickly move on to a competitor who offers what you do in a more mobile-friendly environment.

And the thing is, being mobile-friendly does not have to be extravagantly expensive. Here are some cost-effective ways to make your business more mobile-friendly:

  • Build your website on WordPress: WordPress is not just a blogging platform. It’s a powerful website-building tool that gives you an easy way to interact with web visitors in a variety of ways. If your business’ website is built on WordPress, which is a free platform, you have access to Jetpack. One of the many features of Jetpack (which is also free) is a mobile-friendly version of your WordPress site. And make sure you limit your image sizes, so that your site doesn’t take too long to load over mobile networks.
  • Limit what you ask for: It can be very difficult to type information into forms when using a mobile device. If you have forms on your site, take a look at them from this perspective, and ask for ONLY the essentials. Three fields of information (such as name, email, zip code) is plenty!
  • Use social networks: There is a mobile version of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. So if your business is on these sites, customers have a mobile-friendly way to interact with your business. Include links to your social networks in all of your marketing materials, as well as on your website, so customers have a way to connect with you even if they’re on the go.
  • Make your emails mobile friendly: Many of your customers read their emails on mobile devices. If your emails are heavily formatted and require a lot of scrolling on a mobile device, it is less likely that your message will be read. Instead, keep your marketing messages short, and consider using an autoresponder service like MailChimp or Constant Contact that offer templates that are already formatted for mobile devices.
  • Offer text message coupons and reminders: For some of your customers, the best way to reach them may be text messaging. This post includes 10 services that offer cost-effective SMS messaging for small business. Offer your customers the chance to sign up for discounts, offers and reminders via text messaging, and you’ll have a great way to stay top of mind via their mobile devices.

Every business needs to be mobile-friendly today in order to connect with both current and future generations of customers. Is your business mobile-friendly? What do you do well? How could you improve? Would love to read your thoughts in the comments below!