From the DSEF: We’re excited to continue our blog series featuring top executives in DSEF-supporter direct selling companies today! Every few weeks we’ll introduce you to another top executive, and they’ll share their thoughts on Direct Sales, Ethics, Social Good, and why they support the DSEF. 

Today we’re thrilled to continue this series with Joan Hartel Cabral, the Founder and President of Vantel Pearls, a company that features parties where oysters are opened and guests purchase jewelry made with the pearls inside. Vantel Pearls has been a big supporter of the DSEF for many years, and we’re thrilled to have Joan Hartel Cabral share her thoughts with you today. Enjoy!

Executive Spotlight: Joan Hartel Cabral, Vantel Pearls

Joan Hartel Cabral

What did you do before you got involved with your company?

I lived in Spain for 3 years.  I moved there for the adventure, to learn Spanish and to enjoy the lifestyle.  It was in Spain that I started my first business.   I opened an Aerobics Studio in Denia, along the coast.   My students found it very funny when I said “toque sus hombres” touch your men, instead of “toque sus hombros” touch your shoulders.  I instantly loved running my own business and inspiring others to believe they could positively impact their own lives.   After only 3 months, the Town Government endorsed my business and offered me a rent-free gymnasium.

What do you love about your company?

 I love that our Vantel Pearls’ oysters are a metaphor for Life.  Inside every oyster, there is at least one pearl.  A pearl is formed when an oyster defends against a grain of sand or foreign particle.  The oyster secretes layers and layers of nacre or mother-of-pearl around the irritant.   When we have a challenge, how many of us, as oysters do, find the gift in it-actually turn it into something positive?   We can learn to embrace transformational opportunities.  The pearl is a creation of beauty from adversity.  How fabulous is that?!

What makes your salesforce amazing?

Our Sales Team is truly amazing in the way they see all things are possible.  They strive for excellence.  They give back generously.  They express gratitude to Vantel Pearls because they have learned that their beliefs and attitudes directly influence their choices and actions.   They are connected to each other and support each other.   They transform the lives of others knowing pearls make a woman feel beautiful on the inside.  They are empowered women who are inspired to live authentic, joyous and abundant lives.

How do you ensure your company maintains the highest level of ethics?

Ethics is an integral part of the Vantel Pearls culture.  We adhere to principles of integrity, our 8 Treasured Gems, which are incorporated into our meetings, our catalog, our manner of doing business.

Our Sales Team is held to high standards.  In the event that an individual is outside the guidelines of our standards, their Agreement is terminated.  We keep things very simple.

Our general objective is to grow organically and from that we build enduring loyalty.

What kind of social good campaigns does your company participate in or run?

Vantel Pearls offers early intervention education to children in schools and YMCA programs.  When we present an unopened oyster and discuss how “ugly” the outer shell is and then open the oyster and discover the ‘beautiful’ pearl, with a specific format, the children open up about the name calling, harassment, and intimidation that occurs when teachers are not present.  We have a full discussion without ever using the “bullying” word!  We transform the conversation into believing in your gifts, non-judgment of others and a whole lot more!  It’s the most amazing program providing self-esteem awareness.  We plan to expand on this program and change the world!

Why do you think the DSEF is important?

We have been an active supporter of the DSEF for several years.  The DSEF significantly promotes and educates the public about direct selling.  I believe that our business model of direct selling can allow others to have a richer, more meaningful life.  I believe direct selling empowers individuals to set their own goals, choose their own working hours, have financial independence and fulfill their own dreams.  College debt is rising and personal debt is increasing.  We have a growing crisis.  Rather than encourage widespread borrowing, let’s promote a simple entrepreneurial plan that offers financial security and confidence.  The insurmountable debt of our society needs attention and direct selling is an answer.

Thank you, Joan, for sharing your inspiring story with us. We are grateful for the support of companies like Vantel Pearls, that help us to spread the message of ethics, entrepreneurship and integrity around the world. We appreciate you!

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