Money. It’s something that each of us deals with on a daily basis. Yet a lot of us are not very good at it. Out of control credit card debt and spending, instead of investing and saving, are causing levels of debt that are nearing crisis levels.

Fortunately, there are some simple things you can do right now to get yourself out of debt, and take control of your finances. Here are some tips:

  • Keep a spending diary. Every time you spend money, write down what you’re purchasing, and what it’s for.
  • Write a list before shopping, and stick to it. You’re less likely to load up on impulse buys if you have a list.
  • Have a certain amount in your checking account automatically transferred to savings each month. The savings can really add up over time.
  • Work a part-time business on the side, such as direct selling, and put that income towards debt or savings. It’s a great way to help with bills without touching the money from your regular income.
  • Pay your mortgage every two weeks instead of monthly. The extra payments will cut years off your mortgage payments.
  • Start a “clothing co-op” in your neighborhood. Participants pass kids’ (and even adult!) clothes down as the kids grow out of them. Everyone saves money!

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