Tips for Starting a Successful Business from http://dsef.orgStarting (or re-starting) a business can be challenging. It takes time and persistence to build the momentum that leads to success. Since our Facebook community is full of inspiring business owners, we reached out and asked them to share their best piece of advice for someone starting a business. Here is some of the advice they shared:

  • Just Start: April Gust-Yohanek of Wisconsin says, “Just get started, nothing needs to be perfect, you can perfect it along the way!” This is great advice. Often a new business owner gets so bogged down in the details of starting a new business that the business never gets off the ground. Remember to stay focused on the goal and take steps every day to improve. But start! It’s the most important step you can take.
  • Be Persistent: Jen LaCour of Texas offers sage advice when she says, “The beginning is always the hardest! Be persistent, consistent, and step out of your comfort zone every single day – you’ll grow so much faster!” Some days will be harder than others…it’s all part of growing a business. And sometimes you’ll need to adapt. As Tony Madalone of Ohio suggests, “Implement then adapt. and be persistent.” When you work through the challenges and keep at it, you’ll be much more likely to succeed.
  • Be Passionate: Many of our commenters emphasized the importance of passion when it comes to building a business. Isaac Chubb talks about being “passionate about your why.” Know why it is you want your business to succeed. You should also be passionate about your products. As Dawn Kopac of Wisconsin says, “Be passionate about what you are selling or presenting to people,” and Rose Hernandez of California advises, “love and believe in what you are doing.” Finally, Jacquie McConnell of Texas sums it up well: “Find that…business that captures your passion and it will never be work!”
  • Love Your Products: The importance of loving the products you sell can’t be overemphasized when you’re considering starting a business. As Lynn Brooks of Virginia says, “use, like and believe in your product!” And Melissa Pellerin of Edmonton, Alberta suggests a researched-based approach: “Do your research and know the product your going to be promoting. Choose something you can be passionate about.” Ah, there’s that passion again! Loving your product leads to passion about your business.
  • Learn Constantly: Finally, it’s important to make professional development a priority. Constant learning leads to continual growth. As Carol Petersen Saso of Colorado recommends: “Be a sponge – absorbing all the training available from your company. Be willing to put in the time required to build a business and remember it’s always too soon to quit!” Great advice indeed!

Many thanks to our Facebook community for sharing their great advice! (If you haven’t liked our Page yet, please do!) What tips would you add for a new business owner? We’d love to read your advice in the comments below.