Have you ever thought about why you became an entrepreneur? One day you thought it was a great idea and then it happened. Now perhaps you’re in the thick of it and can’t recall how it all happened so quickly!

These reasons might help you understand and/or remember why you became an entrepreneur.

Top 10 reasons you’re an entrepreneur:

  1. A passion for adventure
  2. Need for a challenge
  3. Seek self-improvement
  4. To be unique
  5. To find meaning
  6. Independent minded
  7. To inspire others
  8. To make a difference
  9. To find happiness
  10. To be wealthy

This list is a light hearted way to understand the characteristics of an entrepreneur, but it’s the work and unending pursuit that make true entrepreneurs.

Did I leave any reasons off this list? Which reason tops your list? Would love to hear your thoughts.