The Direct Selling Education Foundation is committed to helping today’s students understand the benefits and business principles of direct selling. We do this by equipping professors and other educators with the knowledge and materials they need to provide students with an accurate understanding of the channel. As more professors produce data and research, and incorporate direct selling content into their courses, today’s policymakers and our next generation of leaders will have a true understanding of what direct selling is about.

In 2019 the Foundation has achieved essential milestones that will change the way direct selling is taught in universities and viewed by future generations. We help you tell your story.:

  • 219 DSEF Fellows representing leading colleges and universities across the US are helping to mainstream the channel through teaching, research and publishing.
  • The Foundation commissioned 23 research projects and case studies to educate the public and key stakeholders about the relevance of the channel.
  • The program’s student reach– delivered through campus events, DSEF Fellow-led data-driven research and an array of classroom teaching content – make direct selling part of the education of more than 70,000 students.
  • More than 50 senior executives from direct selling’s broadest array of companies have led campus-wide events and classroom lectures and will be featured in video content that reaches thousands more students.
  • DSEF developed a library of more than 50 industry-specific videos used by professors to teach direct selling to students and help you counter critics of the channel.
  • DSEF Fellows contributed direct selling-related articles to academic journals and monographs, and included direct selling company case studies in widely-used marketing and entrepreneurship textbooks.
  • Foundation case studies and case videos are featured by the Global Jesuit Case Series, reaching 200 Jesuit colleges and universities globally.

And we’re not done yet. To find out how you can help us maintain our momentum, contact us today.