The art of making a sale varies widely from person to person.  Everyone has his or her own style of salesmanship, so it can be difficult to figure out how to approach the process, especially if you are new to selling.  However, there a few basics to follow that apply to making a sale no matter what your own style of selling is.  Read on to find out when the best time is to sell.

The right time is when…

  • A problem can be solved with your product.  Part of your job is to educate consumers about why they may have a need for what you are offering.  For instance, a business person that sells luxury bedding shares her expertise about the positive effects that proper bedding can have on one’s quality of sleep.  This leads the customer to reflect upon how his lack of sleep has negatively impacted certain aspects of his life.  He now sees that he has a need for the product because it will solve a problem and improve his mood and productivity.  When your product is the solution to a problem, the time to sell it is now.
  • The problem can be solved immediately.  The customer should be able to get instant gratification or something close to it when purchasing your product to solve a problem.  Back to the luxury bedding example, the consultant gives the customer a list of ways he will notice improvements after just one night, 7 nights, and a month of sleeping on their line of bedding.  Because these are tangible benefits that the customer will get right away, the product becomes much more attractive.  It solves a problem and does it quickly, and when the customer agrees with that, then the time to sell is now.
  • You’re better than the competitors.  You should always know where you stand against your competitors.  It is not uncommon for a customer to make comparisons between your product and a competitor’s, and you may even be asked how yours differs from another.  The luxury bedding business person would take this opportunity to point out her product’s higher thread count, its all-natural materials, and the company’s very competitive guarantee.  When you can show the customer that he or she is making the right decision to buy from you instead of someone else, then the time to sell is now.
  • You can get it to them fast.  After all this talk of luxury bedding and a discussion about how restful your nights will be, any customer would want to give the product a try right away.  A customer never wants to hear that a product is backordered or will take longer than a few days to arrive.  Even better than promising a fast shipment is having the inventory on hand for occasions such as these.  Granted, it isn’t always possible or financially sound to keep a lot of inventory available, but there are advantages to doing so. Imagine being able to hand the bedding set to the customer that night and saying, “If you don’t sleep more comfortable tonight, I want you to send me a text and I will personally come to your house to refund your money.”  When the customer can get a quick turnaround, the time to sell is now.

The above suggestions can apply to any product being sold by any type of personality.  One of the keys to a successful career in sales is knowing when the sale is possible and likely to happen.  How do you know when the right time is to sell?  Please share your ideas below!