It’s no secret that consumers have many choices when it comes to where they purchase a product or service.  In most cases, the same product can be found at a local retail store, a big box chain, and at several online marketplaces.  With all this competition, it’s important for small business owners to recognize and appeal to customers’ attraction to your particular business.  Giving them a reason to choose you is not as difficult as you may think. Read on to find out why you possess an edge over your competitors.

  • They trust you.  You consistently provide an exceptional customer service experience.  You’re attentive, pleasant, knowledgeable of your products’ features and benefits, and you’re always willing to go the extra mile.  Not only that, but because customers are always dealing with you, a relationship can grow.  Wouldn’t you rather shop with someone who knows you by name, asks about your family, is familiar with your product needs, and can even anticipate them?  Most people are even willing to pay a bit more to have a shopping experience like this; if they know they aren’t being “sold to,” they will want to return as loyal customers because they trust that you have their best interests in mind.
  • They have a need for your product/service.  This is where it becomes imperative that you know how to demonstrate to your customers why they need your product.  Perhaps it offers little known but substantial health benefits, provides a solution to an everyday problem, or just makes life a little bit easier.  Knowing how to educate potential customers is a major asset to your business because you will be able to attract new people all the time.  Become an expert in what you’re selling and share your enthusiasm about the product with others.
  • It’s a great value.  Value isn’t always about the price.  Value is about the overall package.  As stated above, customers are usually willing to pay a little more for certain things, and a product’s value will determine how much more that is.  For example, your window treatments, although competitively priced, may not be the cheapest available.  What you can offer, however, is a guarantee that the work isn’t completed until the customer is satisfied with the result.  You also offer free lifetime consultations on any room in the house after the purchase of just one other window treatment.  A service like that can tip the scales in your favor when a customer is deciding who to shop with.  Find ways to increase the value of your products and services, and your customers will be more attracted to your business than some of your lower-priced competitors.
  • You help them through the buying process.  Making the choice to buy something can be stressful for many people.  All the choices of where to go and what to buy can be overwhelming to say the least.  Do everything possible to help your customers make their way through the process from start to finish.  Yes, there is a chance that they decide not to buy from you in the end; however, your personalized service will make a positive impression that likely bring that customer back to you in the future and even recommend you to others.  Remember to listen, be patient, and offer your expert advice through every step of the process.

Why do you think customers are attracted to you?  Please add your ideas to our list in the comments section below!