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Anyone Can Be a Direct Seller

Anyone Can Be a Direct Seller

Have you ever thought about joining a direct selling company? You may have heard that direct sellers enjoy making their own hours, earning extra income, and the friendship that comes with working with people you enjoy. But how do you get started? And is it too good to be true? Let’s explore:

First, what is direct selling?

Direct selling is the sale of a consumer product or service, person-to-person, away from a fixed retail location, marketed through independent sales representatives who are sometimes also referred to as consultants, distributors or other titles. Just about any product or service can be purchased through direct selling somewhere in the world. Many people think of cosmetics, wellness products and home décor as products that are often sold through direct sales, but add to that countless other product categories including kitchen products, jewelry, clothing, organic gardening supplies, spa products, scrapbooking supplies, rubber stamps and much, much more. (Source: Direct Selling 411)

Second, what’s the process of becoming a direct seller?

  • Many people begin by falling in love with a line of products/services and the company that provides them.
  • Sign up for the business kit from the direct selling company. Make sure there is a product buyback option.
  • Work with a mentor and follow the step by step training provided by the company.
  • Start talking to friends, family and neighbors about the products/services you love.
  • Share your experiences about using the products/services with people.
  • Set up meetings/parties to make sales.
  • Find people who love the products/services as much as you and help them get started.
  • Build a team and expand your business with people who want to own their own direct selling businesses.
  • Become a leader in your industry, continue your training and operate a successful business.

When you love a product or service, you naturally tell everyone you know. You want them to benefit like you have. In direct selling that process is weaved into a business system provided by a direct sales company. Word of mouth selling or promotion is one of the oldest and simplest business models. If you love something and can share it with others you can be a direct seller.

To learn more, check out this video about direct selling.

What else do people need to know about becoming a direct seller? Have you done it? Would love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

Doing the Right Thing Helps You Succeed in Business

Doing the Right Thing Helps You Succeed in Business

You’ve probably heard the saying that “what goes around, comes around” – when you and your business consistently do what’s best for your customers and promote good business practices, word will spread that you and your business will always do the right thing.  Doing the right thing builds trust, and trust means more customers and sales. More customers and sales mean a successful business.

Here are even more reasons why doing the right thing builds business:

  • Feeding and building your feeling of self-worth – Doing the right thing makes you feel good. That feeling inside shows authentically outside and attracts more people to you and your business.
  • It limits making wrong decisions – Like any foundation in life, with a strong foundation you can build anything. So, if you consistently do the right thing, that foundation increases your effectiveness and good decision making.
  • It doesn’t only make you mentally stronger, but also physically stronger – With the belief that you can do right, you’ll be able to draw on that momentum and tap your positive energy to get more things done.
  • Reduces worry and stress – Doing right helps you focus on making right choices, and if you know you are making right choices, that reduces worry and stress.
  • It makes you more understanding and compassionate – The process of doing the right thing will mean making difficult choices at times while also spending more time listening to others, and these experiences enlarge your capacity to be more empathetic and tolerant.
  • A brighter future – Doing the right thing will also mean following up the right way, thus increasing business and creating more opportunities for the future.
  • You will have better friends and support – Part of being successful in business is building up the people that surround and support you and your business. These people will share your can-do and positive outlook. They will want to be your friends and help you achieve your goals.
  • Makes you more positive – Like anything that is nurtured, your capacity to choose the right thing will grow stronger and better. The more you do the right thing, the more positive you will become.

The key to doing the right thing is to focus on transparency, fairness and creating a strong foundation for your brand and reputation. In return, you will be rewarded with personal and business success!

How do you keep focus on doing the right thing? We would love to hear about your experiences in the comments.