Direct Selling Education

Direct Selling Education

Professional and Personal Benefits of a Direct Selling in Education industry that impacts direct selling experience on 14 business and professional skills as well as on 13 personal life skills. A substantial majority of the current direct sellers surveyed, more than three-fourths, agreed that they benefited from their direct selling experience in terms of improved business and professional skills, and that skills gleaned from a direct selling experience transferred to their personal lives. Moreover, there were significant and positive relationships between self-perceived skill levels and self-perceptions of direct selling success and performance in a non-direct selling job.

Direct Selling Education

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in South Africa: The Role of Information Communication Technology in the Direct Selling Marketplace reveals how women have used direct selling as a vehicle not only for self-transformation and empowerment, but also for the betterment of their families and communities. Now, coupled with the capabilities of technology, the direct selling industry holds tremendous promise as a potential solution for poverty and gender inequality, particularly within South Africa, where strong technology infrastructure already exists and where a significant percentage of women currently participate in the informal business sector.

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in South Africa

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DSEF is ramping up our efforts to educate external constituencies about the value of the entrepreneurial opportunity associated with direct selling. The DSEF team is growing and moving with renewed urgency and focus to advance our long-standing mission to engage

It's National Consumer Protection Week! Direct Selling Association member companies of the direct selling industry have long been consumer protection supporters, which is why we're excited to promote this important event each year. You can learn more about avoiding fraud and

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