The most effective networkers and salespeople have certain qualities that make them unforgettable. Whether you are meeting a prospective customer or presenting a new marketing campaign to your staff, it is important that you leave a lasting impression. Your impression

We have only to examine a few statistics to understand why it’s important to become educated on financial issues and begin planning our futures now. Between raising children and taking care of parents, women are losing an average of 14.7

Effective leadership is not an easy skill to master. It usually takes years and years of experience, trial and error, and self-reflection. However, the more others respect you as a leader, the more successful your business will be. Here are

Whether you’re looking to attract more customers, recruit new employees, or network with influential people, there are a few simple things you can do to increase your chances of success. Take a look at our list to see how you

By doing more of the things you love and are good at, you can actually maximize your chances of finding a great opportunity for your business. Tap into your desire to interact with and help others, and you'll find that

In order to get more consistent positive results out of all that you do, the first thing you need to do is to maintain a positive attitude about every situation. Although we cannot control the behavior of others, we certainly can

When you have a small business, a budget can be a valuable tool to not only keep you on track, but also help you to grow. However, when the money that comes into your business fluctuates, it can be hard

Managing your time can be one of the most challenging aspects of small business ownership, especially since you likely take on many roles to maintain a thriving business. However, by implementing just a few quick and easy suggestions, you will

As a business owner, your ability to manage the money you earn is just as, or even more important than actually making the money. Are you using your money wisely, or simply wasting it? Here are some tips for taking

According to Experian’s 2012 State of Credit study, the national average credit score increased from 749 to 750. In addition, the average credit scores of Pennsylvania residents are above the national average, ranging from 758-773 depending on the city.

Your credit score can

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